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How to Find the Right Property Investment Opportunities

property investment opportunities

Are you interested in investing in property, but not sure how to go about finding the right ones? While there are many property investment opportunities out there, they’re not all gems. You could potentially be pouring upward of six figures into your property. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to decipher the good from the…

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5 Real Estate Tips to Renovate an Investment Property

Are you renovating an investment property but not exactly sure what you need to do to maximize the return or rental rate? Renovating an investment property can be tricky business. Obviously, you want to make as large of a profit as possible. However, you also want to make sure you aren’t cutting any corners for the sake of making…

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5 Reasons Why Single Family Homes Are The Best Investment of 2017

Best Investment of 2017

Investing can seem overwhelming, conflicting, and downright stressful. With so many available options, it may feel daunting to even figure out where or how to start. If you’ve considered the real estate route, you’re on the right track towards making the best investment of 2017. Property ownership has been historically considered a premiere financial decision…

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5 Reasons Landlords Use Residential Property Management

residential property management

Enjoy all the rewards of being a landlord without any of the hassle. You’ll have more time than ever, as a property management specialist will take care of all your needs. Unsure if it’s right for you? Here are the 5 reasons landlords use residential property management services. 1. Tenant Screening The last thing a…

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Why Invest in Single Family Property Over Condominiums

Single Family Property Over Condominiums

With the economy strengthening, it’s looking to be a great time to invest in property. But if it’s your first time investing in a property, the potential and the number of questions can be overwhelming. We’re here to set one of your questions aside for you. Which should you invest in? A single family property…

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What to Expect If You Need to Start the Eviction Process

eviction process

Is there trouble brewing with one or more of your tenants? Maybe rent is late again. Or your tenants have severely damaged the property. Thinking about starting an eviction process, but unsure where to begin? Unfortunately, you are not alone, as eviction rates, especially in cities, continue to rise. Read on to find out what to…

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7 Lucrative Steps to Investing in Single Family Property

investing in single family property

If you’re considering investing in a single family property, you’re thinking in a very lucrative direction if you play your cards right. Single family properties can yield a big return for less risk than multi-family properties and commercial properties. Here are seven steps you should take when investing in single family property: 1. Front Load…

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