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How to Manage a Pet Friendly Rental Property

pet friendly rental

One of the most precious things to single families in today’s society are their pets. People love their pets. The ASPCA estimated that approximately 44% of the households in the United States own a dog and 35% of them own a cat. With pet ownership rates being so high, rental properties are adding in consideration for…

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Damage Control: 5 Tips for Renting to College Students

renting to college students

If you own a rental property near a university, odds are your tenants will be college students. With room and board costs rising 2.5%-3% a year, students are looking for more affordable living situations. Renting to college students can be hit-or-miss. Some come home to hit the books and to sleep. These students present a…

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Why the US Housing Market Is Still Going Strong

us housing market

The Great Recession of 2008 shook the U.S. housing market to its core. Up until 2013, there were roughly 41% less new constructions per year than 2008. Home values were crushed and millions of Americans were trapped in underwater mortgages. However, nearly a decade later, the U.S. housing market has fought back and remains strong.…

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5 Facts That Will Make You Rethink Property Management

property management

A quality property management company is well worth the cost. These companies can add value to your rental investment. They also make renting a lot less stressful for landlords. As a landlord, you’ve got a lot of work to do on your own. From tenant screening to preparing lease documents, your plate is quite full!…

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