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Tax Advice: 5 Ways Property Management Saves Money

tax advice

Looking for an even higher return on your 2017 taxes? Easy. Property investments already give you tax breaks. But did you know that they can actually also save you money over time? By choosing property management, you can turn next year’s tax season into a greener season. Read on to learn how property management can save you money,…

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5 Ways to Find a Tenant You’ll Want to Keep

find a tenant

As a single family home landlord, it’s a big challenge to find a tenant that will treat your property like their own. When you find this tenant, you’re going to want to keep them. Too many times you’ve rented to tenants that looked good on paper and passed the eyeball test, then quickly turned into…

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5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

preventive maintenance

Are you a real estate investor looking to take proper care of your rental properties? Maybe you’ve purchased your first rental property and are preparing for your tenants. To keep costs down and ensure that your tenants are living comfortably, you need to keep your properties in good condition. Performing preventive maintenance on your investment…

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