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Many Real Estate agents are unsure about referring their clients to a Property Management Company due to fear of losing a potential sale. Clockwork addresses this concern with our management referral agreement ensuring we NEVER try to sell real estate to your clients. If your client expresses a desire to buy or sell a property, we will contact you immediately.

PROTECT YOUR CLIENT: When your client is ready to sell, we refer them back to you - Guaranteed. Clockwork will build a long term relationship with your client and when they are ready to sell, we refer them back to you.

MAINTAIN YOUR REPUTATION: Property Management can be a tough business that can create conflict with tenants and owners, potentially resulting in negative Yelp or Google reviews. Furthermore, tenant landlord laws change rapidly, exposing you and your client to legal liability. Avoid the negative reviews, threats of lawsuits, and your online reputation and focus on selling more homes.

COMPLIANCE: Are you doing your clients justice by managing and leasing homes? Property Management is a highly regulated industry that can be challenging to navigate. Are you in compliance with Landlord Tenant Laws, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing, and Assistance Animal Guidelines to name a few? Do you have systems in place to protect yourself and your clients with expert knowledge and experience with lease enforcement, IRS compliance, move-out procedures, security deposit returns, assessments, rent collection and disbursements? If the answer is no to any of these questions, let’s have a conversation.

WE BUY MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS: Do you find yourself managing properties for free (or nearly free), have a management division that takes too much of your time with low returns, and not enough people, processes or systems in place? If so, we can purchase your management contracts and provide a smooth transition for your owner-investor clients, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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