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3 Real Estate Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

3 Real Estate Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell a home fast?

Ready for potential buyers to start lining up at your door?

Although the US housing market is going strong, it can still sometimes be very difficult to sell a home depending on your local market, your home’s location, and many other factors.

One of the key ways to sell your home fast is to think like a marketer, not like a homeowner. Below are 3 crucial real estate marketing tips that will set you on the right path to selling a home in record time.

1. Make Your Listings Shine

When selling a home, it’s important to expand your reach and get your home in front of as many eyes as you can.

There are numerous listings sites on the web that you can use to do this. Zillow, Trulia, and are some of the most popular but there are many more real estate sites that exist where you can list your home for free or for a small fee.

When using these sites it is important that you make your listing stand out from the crowd. Make sure that the listings are filled out as thoroughly as possible. Spend some time on the description of your home and answer any questions a buyer may have as clearly and concisely as possible.

Also, make sure that you have many excellent pictures that showcase the elegance of your home both inside and out. Consider posting video tours and walkthrough videos of your home to catch even more attention.

Additionally, make sure your home looks as good as possible in any promotional materials that you use. It’s important to eliminate clutter and make your home seem like a moldable, “clean slate.”

Your potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home, and this can be difficult to do if your photos show too many personal items or if your walls are painted unusually.

2. Create a Promotional Campaign

When it comes to selling a home, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods. Distributing flyers, pamphlets, postcards, and direct mailings can all be a great way to get the word out about your home.

Direct mailing is still one of the most important tactics in the modern age but make sure to optimize themwell for the best effect. Include excellent photos of your home on these materials whenever possible. Also, list some of the most attractive aspects of your home using bullet points or a short description.

When marketing a home, you also want to make sure you have plenty of signage in your yard and at the front of your street. Anybody who passes by your home should know that your home is on the market.

For additional help on getting the word out, you’ll also want to consider print advertising. This may major newspapers, local papers, or any free newsletters or classified papers that are in your area.

3. Harness the Power of the Web

In addition to the typical listings sites used for real estate, don’t forget about the rest of the web. Some tactics include building a website for your home, utilizing social media, or creating an email campaign.

You may consider building a website to showcase your home and create a centralized location where people can find info about your home. This can be much easier than you think and very easy to do with a website creator such as Weebly or Wix.

There is also no denying the power of social media. Post to your friends and followers on social media to let them know that you’re selling your home. Join Facebook groups where you can mention your home as well such as local “Yard Sale” groups or real estate listing groups in your area.

In addition to physical and printed promotional materials, you may also want to make use of e-flyers or emails to get the word out. Send an email blast out to any contacts you have and ask them to forward the email to their own contacts. You may be surprised at how quickly the word spreads about your listing.

Using These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Sell Your Home

Don’t forget to think outside of the box when attempting to market your home. The perfect buyer is out there, but if they don’t know your home is on the market you’ll both be missing out.

By using the real estate marketing tips above, you’ll have a better chance of selling your home while minimizing the typical headaches that come with navigating the real estate market.

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