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3D Virtual Home Tours Are on the Rise in the Midst of Coronavirus

3D Virtual Home Tours Are on the Rise in the Midst of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic hasn't stopped people from renting or buying homes. Here's how real estate agents are using 3D virtual home tours to showcase listings.

While the Coronavirus caused changes to the rental industry, things haven’t come to a complete halt. Renters haven’t stopped searching for new homes and signing leases.

What has changed is the way agents and property managers hold open house showings.

Today, virtual home tours are increasing in popularity. Why not? Professionals all over the industry use a combination of Zoom meetings, electronic document processing, and a range of drive-through services to finalize sales and rentals.

Take a look at how you can use 3D virtual technology to show a property or fall in love with one.

What Are 3D Virtual Home Tours?

Most agents understand online property tours because they’ve used 360-degree real estate tours for the past few years. With the 360 tours, a photographer captures images with a DSLR camera then stitches the images together, forming a panorama view.

A 360 tour offers prospective buyers or tenants the opportunity to view the interior of a property, but with limitations. For example, you see only what the camera focused on, which makes it challenging to change viewpoints or hone in on fine details.

Assembling a 3D virtual home happens automatically, creating a streamlined tour of the property.

Clients get an outside-in view of a property, which makes it feel like they’re looking through a window into the home. Depending on the camera and software used, clients can look at walkthrough, dollhouse, and floor plan views of a home.

Why Clients Prefer Open House Showings

Even if the world weren’t in the middle of dealing with Coronavirus, many clients would still prefer a 3D virtual home tour.

Consider your prospects who live out-of-state or those who work hours that don’t fit in with your schedule. Think of the convenience factor you can offer!

Since 3D tours offer an immersive experience, prospective renters can get a significant amount of information about properties they’re interested in well before they take the next step. It’s a 24/7 open house!

Virtual tours protect your clients and you during a time of heightened concern about hygiene and health.

Virtual Real Estate Video Ideas

Property managers can use 3D virtual technology in several ways to market properties while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved during the Coronavirus crisis.

Link to your virtual home tour on your website. Embedding the virtual video on your website can increase both page views and conversions.

Target renters and buyers in the research phase by linking your social media pages with your virtual tour. It’s an excellent way to build interest and your brand!

Finally, consider incorporating your 3D virtual tour with virtual open house hosting. You’ll have an advantage over most property managers when you can walk your clients through a property in real-time while they enjoy the virtual tour.

Ready to Rent Your Property?

Rest assured, even during the Coronavirus, we’re still marketing and signing leases on rental properties. Using technologies like 3D virtual home tours, we’re doing our part to ensure prospective tenants view homes in the safest way possible.

If you’re ready to market your rental property and would like to learn more about how our full-service property management team can help, contact us today.


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