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A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Rentals: How to Take Great Rental Property Pictures

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Rentals: How to Take Great Rental Property Pictures

2 seconds. That is how much time you have to make a potential renter stop scrolling and click on your property listing. 

The key to views? Amazing property pictures. 94% of listings with photos get more views than those without. 

You've seen the well-lit, the blurry, and the cluttered. When it comes to taking great rental property pictures there are a few guidelines you should follow. Here are some suggestions to help take your photos from bombs to viral. 

Have the Right Equipment

Before you get started, you'll need the right equipment. 

A professional camera is better than your cell phone. With a camera, you will be able to change lenses, adjust for a wider frame, choose exposure times, and so much more. 

With it, you will need a tripod, various lenses, a compatible laptop, and editing software. 

The best pictures of apartments for rent are those whose quality comes from using proper equipment. 

The Right Time of Day

When you have everything you need to take the photo, the next step is to wait until the lighting is perfect. 

Natural lighting is ideal for rental pictures. The best time of day to take photos is between noon and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its peak. This will give the property a warm and open feel to it. 

Test the settings on your camera to use the light to your advantage when you are indoors

Try to only take photos on sunny days. Grey and dreary weather will reflect that kind of feeling in the property itself-- not attractive to potential buyers. 

Keep it Clean

The last thing you want to do is to take photos of a messy and cluttered space. 

When you browse through listings notice the organization and arrangement of the room. Rent units where the space looks inviting and livable are the ones that will attract renters. 

This goes for indoor photos and those outside. Make sure you mow the lawn and remove any trash, debris, cars, or other items. Let your renter imagine their own car in the driveway and kids playing in the yard. 

Take Another One 

Take as many photos as possible with as many angles as possible. 

When you are photographing each room, use a wide lens to get the entire room in the frame. You will want to take photos from many different angles so you can choose the best ones when you go through to edit. 

Renters want a good idea of the space they are looking at. The more photos you provide them, the better they will feel about making a decision to see the property. 

Property Pictures Matter

When you post your renal unit online, the property pictures you choose matter. 

Keep these tips in mind to make sure your properties have a cutting edge above the competition. The better quality your photos have, the more clicks and interest your properties will get. 

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