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How to Be a Good Landlord and Keep Tenants Happy

Being a good landlord involves being a jack of all trades. You have to be the right combination of friendly, authoritative, and approachable. 

And with the average tenant turnover rate over 50%, it's obviously hard to find that perfect balance and keep your tenants happy.

Losing tenants because they're unhappy with you as a landlord will lose you money. The less turnover you have, the fewer fees and stressors you'll have.

Check out these tips on becoming a great landlord that will keep your tenants happy and comfortable on your property.

Welcome Letter

When the tenants move into your property, leave them a brief note welcoming them. Say how delighted you are to have them moving into the space to give them a great impression of you as a friendly and welcoming landlord.

You should also reiterate your contact information and let them know they can contact you with any questions or concerns they have. You can also detail any critical information about the place including:

  • Trash pick-up day
  • Contact info for services (cable, internet, water, etc.)
  • Neighbor information

This small gesture will only take you a little time, but it will go a long way in establishing a great relationship with your tenants.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Most people can agree that some of the worst landlords are ones that don't make an effort with the upkeep of their property. As a landlord, you are responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the property.

If tenants say that something is broken or needs replacing, try not to get angry or ignore their requests. This is a surefire way to create a tense relationship and brew unhappy tenants.


Absent landlords make tenants feel isolated and unheard. You should promptly respond to them when they contact you with questions or requests for maintenance.

Be sure to communicate with your tenants about maintenance schedules and when you plan on stopping by to check out the place. It's also good to just check up on the tenants once and a while to see if they're happy and comfortable.

There is a fine line between consistent communication and over-communication. You don't want to drop by too often or call all the time: it will make the tenants feel scrutinized.

Be Friendly but Professional

You want to be approachable and friendly, but be careful about blurring the professional lines. You aren't their friend; you're their landlord.

While being friendly is a part of being a good landlord, your relationship with tenants should be strictly business. Keep the right amount of distance while maintaining an approachable and friendly demeanor. You don't want to get too friendly and then have to evict them.

Be a Good Landlord with These Simple Tips

Life as a landlord is a balancing act. You have to be friendly and interact with your tenants to keep them happy, but you also have to maintain a professional business relationship with them.

Following these tips will make you a good landlord and keep your tenants happy. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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