How to Juggle and Simplify Multiple Property Rental Management

How to Juggle and Simplify Multiple Property Rental Management

You just embarked on a new lucrative business adventure! You are becoming the rental manager and landlord of some rental properties.

This is your first time managing rental properties, and you are nervous.

To ensure that you become a property rental management success, we are giving you some property management tips.

Get ready to become wealthier!

Property Rental Management Tip #1: Utilize Technology

 To keep your rental properties safe and secure, install a leak sensor in them. A leak sensor is a security device that uses motion sensors to detect if something or someone is opening any doors or windows.

To ensure safety, you should also utilize smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Smart detectors will alert you when something is wrong in the air.

Smart lights and smart bulbs are a good tool to light up your properties at night and deter burglars. Outdoor security cameras are also a must. 

Tip #2: Hire Professional Contractors and Handymen for Maintenance Repairs

To run your own property rental management business, you need to upkeep your properties. You can do this with the assistance of an air conditioning company, and contractor plumbers, technicians, roofers, painters, etc. Without these contractors and handymen, you will not have the ability to perform all the maintenance repairs. 

If your lack of maintenance repairs continues, your tenants will give you bad reviews, or worst, stop renting from you altogether. Thus, it is vital that you have all the necessary types of contractors and handymen working for you.

Also, make sure to have insurance that will cover any unexpected damages.

Tip #3: Hire Lawyers and Accountants

It is wise to have a set of lawyers and accountants look over the legal and financial documents of your rental properties. Lawyers and accountants will catch important terms and things in these documents that the average person will not.

Tip #4: Have a Marketing Strategy

You need to market your rental properties to the right type of tenants. This means advertising your available investment properties in digital and print publications that your target tenants would read.

When advertising your rental properties, make sure to highlight special features and characteristics that make your properties uniquely appealing. This also means making sure that your rental properties stay in tip-top shape. By doing so, you will appeal to financially stable and responsible tenants.

Tip #5: Screen Potential Tenants

Having bad and irresponsible tenants can be a nightmare. Having bad tenants also gives rental properties a bad look. To avoid bad tenants, make sure to thoroughly screen them. 

Things that you should screen tenants for include criminal backgrounds, tenant behavior history, credit score, etc.

Screening your tenants will ensure that they are good people.

Tip #6: Stay Organized

Overseeing property rental management is a huge job with many different pieces involved. Thus, it is vital that you stay organized.

 This means having a tight schedule telling you when and how to keep track of all the tenant records. Your schedule should also tell you when to evict necessary tenants, collect rent, conduct inspections, etc.

Tip #7: Make Your Presence Known

As the head of property rental management and the landlord, it is important that you take the time to show your face. This means talking to the tenants and making your presence known.

When interacting with tenants, do not discriminate against any of them because of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or anything else. You should be friendly, but not so friendly that you lose your sense of objectivity with the tenants. Interacting with your tenants in a kind but professional way will ensure that the tenants both respect and like you. 

If All Else Fails, Hire a Professional Property Management Company

If you are following all these steps and are still struggling to manage it all, hire a professional property rental management company. Although expensive, keeping yourself from being miserable and stressed out about your rental business is priceless.

Besides, if you are having a hard time managing multiple rental properties on your own, you are probably making costly mistakes as we speak. Lucky for you, with the right property rental management company on your side, your property rental management business still has a high chance of becoming lucrative.

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