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Lighting is Everything! Capture Pro-Level Property Photos with these Tips

Lighting is Everything! Capture Pro-Level Property Photos with these Tips

Real estate is a notoriously competitive market. This is only going to increase as home prices continue to rise while the number of bids continually fall.

There's good news, as well. The number of home sales increased by 11.8% from the previous month. This shows there is a demand for houses, whether they be brand new or resold.

Good photography is vital to marketing anything. If people need to see photographic evidence to convince them to buy an ice cream sundae, what must it take to convince them to buy a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

We're going to show you some real estate photography tips, to help you showcase your property in the best possible light!

Real Estate Photography Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

If you're really serious about selling a home or property, you'd do well to think like the pros. Professional real estate photographers have all manner of useful insights into how to capture a property in a compelling, attractive way.

Think Outside The Frame

The necessity of pro-level HD photography of your home or property goes without saying. With everybody having powerful, detailed cameras as part of their smartphones, pretty much anybody can snap a pretty photo and make it look attractive.

So while you should definitely be thinking about how to get pro-quality shots, you should also consider other ways to capture your potential buyer's attention.

Consider filming a walk-through video to help buyers imagine what living in your space might look like. It'll also help discourage buyers who aren't serious so you can focus on actual leads.

Make A Shot List

Professional real estate photographers don't just walk into a house and start shooting snapshots. Instead, they make a mental list of different angles for each room, to capture each in its best possible light.

An example shot list might look like:

  • 2 wide-angle bedroom photos
  • 1 bathroom photo unless it's particularly striking
  • 1 - 3 photos of the backyard, unless it's particularly notable
  • 1 - 2 shots of the front yard, to show "curb appeal"
  • 1 shot of each utility room, like a garage or laundry room

These photos will tell potential buyers all that they need to know. They're more useful than 10,000 words of excellently-written copy.

Invest In Some Pro Gear

If you're intent on taking photos of your own home to put it up on the market, you'll want to invest a bit in some pro-quality photo gear. If you're really serious about selling your home quickly, you might consider picking up a decent DSLR. This will help your photos to stand out from all of the smartphone photos that saturate the market.

A tripod is another excellent idea. It will allow you to take photos in natural light instead of using the flash. Natural light is infinitely preferable to an artificial flash, which tends to wash out details and leave your photos looking grimy and unappealing.

Following these tips will help your pictures to look like professional real estate photography. When you're trying to sell a home, every little thing helps. It could be the difference between your house being on the market for days instead of months!

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