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The Complete Guide on Understanding the "Landlord Right to Enter"

The Complete Guide on Understanding the

More Americans are renting their homes than at any other point in the last 50 years, so if you're looking into property management opportunities, you'll find plenty. As a potential landlord, it's crucial that you understand your rights as such, including the landlord right to enter laws. 

Whether you've been renting out properties for years or you're preparing to move into a new rental property, it's important to understand under which circumstances you have the right to enter a property that you're renting out. 

Read on to discover which situations permit landlord entry.

When Making Repairs and Improvements

It's the landlord's responsibility to keep the property in good conditions which means that regular repairs must be made.

If you request a specific repair as the tenant, your the landlord right to enter takes effect so those repairs can be made. Your landlord should give you a heads up that they will be making these repairs.

During Inspections

Before a tenant moves out, the landlord of the property has the right to inspect the unit to look at the condition of the place. This is often referred to as a "walk-through inspection" where the landlord will make sure no significant damage has taken place. 

In Order to Show the Property

The landlord right to enter rule is in effect when a landlord needs to show the current tenant's property to prospective tenants. The tenant and landlord will usually come to an agreement ahead of time as to when the place can be shown to prospective renters.

The landlord might show the apartment to prospective renters, buyers, appraisers, repair people, contractors, or future renters. 

The Landlord Right to Enter is in Effect if Tenant Abandons Property

If a tenant abandons their rental property, the landlord can enter so they can get rid of any leftover belongings and prepare the place for showing to new prospective tenants. 

When a Tenant Has Violated Health or Safety Codes

If a tenant violates health or safety codes, a landlord has the right to enter the property to address the situation. The violation might be related to drug use or distribution, hoarding problems, destruction of the property that has lead to it becoming unsafe for dwelling, etc. 

A Landlord Can Enter to Issue Eviction

A landlord has the right to enter a unit when they come with a law enforcement officer if they are doing so to issue an order of eviction or an ejection notice.

They can also enter the property for any reason if they have been granted access by the local court of law should a unique situation present itself. 

Learn More About Property Management

Investing in property management opportunities can be a great way to invest in your financial future. Just make sure you're prepared to handle any issues that might arise with your future tenants. 

Learn more about landlord right to enter laws, and property management in general by contacting us and by visiting our many helpful resources on our website. 


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