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What to Do If Your Lease Expired Tenant Won't Leave

What to Do If Your Lease Expired Tenant Won't Leave

A new report released by the Pew Research Center has noted that in America today, we have a higher number of renters than during any other year in the last half-century.

That staggering reality can give way to tremendous opportunity for people who own rental properties.

While owning rental properties can be an excellent investment, being a landlord isn't as easy as just collecting checks. There are a number of annoyances that you may be faced with during your owner/tenant relationships.

One of the worst potential conflicts you may run into is when a tenant has no grounds to be in your home any longer and they won't leave.

If you're facing that situation and are unsure of what to do, our team has compiled some practical "lease expired tenant won't leave" advice you should consider leveraging.

Be Reasonable

As with most problems you'll face with tenants, typically, clear and kind communication can move issues towards a resolution. Do your best to reach out over the phone and arrange a time to meet with your tenant.

Assuming your tenant isn't trying to avoid your calls, when you meet in person, discuss the status of their lease. Take the time to listen to their concerns.

Then, give them as much notice to vacate as you can to help them facilitate a safe move.

Start the Eviction Process

If your reasonable attempts and accommodating your tenant do not successfully get them out of your home, it's time to begin the eviction process.

If you haven't already, hand your tenant or put an eviction notice on their door. Make sure it clearly states the termination of their right of tenancy. Be sure the notice also states when they are to leave.

If your tenant ignores the order, you can take the matter to court and have a judge decide whether or not your eviction is legal. If it is, the court will help direct you on how to legally and forcefully remove your tenant from your property.

Always Follow the Law to The Letter

It's very important that you're well acquainted with landlord/tenant law or are working with a property management company when going through evictions. A single mistake on your end could set up a massive headache when your tenant will find grounds to extend their stay in your home.

Always be patient during evictions and never do anything to undermine your case. Also, be sure to keep excellent documentation of everything from backed rent to conversations that took place and beyond.

Wrapping Up What to Do If Your Lease Expired Tenant Won't Leave

If your lease expired tenant won't leave your property, we recommend following the steps above to frame your approach.

Start with being understanding and working with them. Then, proceed to take legal eviction actions and try to work with a team of professionals who specialize in the quick and faultless removal of tenants overstaying their welcome.

If you own rental properties and are looking for an all in one solution to screening tenants, getting them into your home and managing them, let our team help.

At Clockwork Property Management, we've been helping landlords maximize their real estate investments for years. Let us do the same for you.

Learn more about our pricing, services and contact us today if you have any questions!


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