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Where o' Where is my a Pet Friendly Rental Home? Tips to Beginning the Search

Where o' Where is my a Pet Friendly Rental Home? Tips to Beginning the Search

Moving sucks.

It's no secret. Having to pack up your life and find new affordable digs is no fun at all.

Now, add the fact that you're a pet parent. Finding a house for rent that allows pets can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

But, luckily, we know a lot of pet owners, so we’ve got some foolproof tips below on finding houses to rent with pets.

Think Like a Landlord

An important first step in finding pet-friendly renting is putting yourself in a landlord or condo board’s shoes. There are lots of things they're looking for in a tenant.

They’ve probably had bad experiences with pet owners in the past who didn’t follow the rules. Maybe those pet parents left behind all kinds of disgusting signs that a pet used to live in their unit.

Landlords could be considering the happiness of the rest of their tenants. A loud dog could mess up a great thing that they’ve already got going.

That's why the first thing you have to do is establish yourself as a trustworthy pet owner.

Your prospective landlord needs to know that you’re committed to cleanliness and you claim responsibility for your pet and your relationships with neighbors.

Look for Houses Over Apartments

Apartment buildings with lots of units are usually the most strict when it comes to pet restrictions. Homes for rent that allow pets are most likely managed by a landlord that individually owns the property. Dealing with one person makes it easier to state your case and leave the decision in fewer people’s hands.

Use All Your Resources 

Many dog owner groups you can find on social media that have been through what you’ve been through. Find one in your area or ask your local humane society if they have any suggestions on houses to rent with pets.

Come Prepared When Finding a House for Rent That Allows Pets

Have all your ducks in a row when you show up to apply for a place. Make sure all your paperwork is in order. Vaccination records, training certificates, and notes from your vet can all help in selling you and your pet to a potential landlord.

But, one of the best things you can bring is a written referral from past landlords. The word of a fellow landlord can certainly shift the scales for a landlord that may be on the fence about letting you and your pet move in.

Be Flexible

Be open-minded and make sure that you factor extra time to find a house for rent that allows pets.

Accept right now that you’re probably going to have to pay extra for pet-friendly renting. Then, immediately stare into your dog or cat’s big eyes and realize that it’s totally worth it.

Being a pet parent means making sacrifices. You know that better than anyone. I mean, when’s the last time you hopped on a flight for a long weekend?

You’re a master of compromise. So don’t let that stop now.

Find a Property Management Company That’s Willing to Work with You 

The most important part is to find a trustworthy landlord that’s willing to work with you and we happen to know a lot of them.

To immerse yourself in all things related to property management, keep up-to-date with our blog. And good luck in finding a house for rent that allows pets.


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