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5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog
Are you a real estate investor looking to take proper care of your rental properties?Maybe you’ve purchased your first rental property and are preparing for your tenants.To keep costs down and ensure that your tena...

What to Expect If You Need to Start the Eviction Process

Property Management Blog
Is there trouble brewing with one or more of your tenants?Maybe rent is late again. Or your tenants have severely damaged the property.Thinking about starting an eviction process, but unsure where to begin? Unfortun...

3 Real Estate Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

Property Management Blog
Are you ready to sell a home fast?Ready for potential buyers to start lining up at your door?Although the US housing market is going strong, it can still sometimes be very difficult to sell a home depending on your ...

7 Lucrative Steps to Investing in Single Family Property

Property Management Blog
If you’re considering investing in a single family property, you’re thinking in a very lucrative direction if you play your cards right. Single family properties can yield a big return for less risk than mult...

5 Affordable Approaches to a New Tenant Search

Property Management Blog
If you are looking for new tenants to occupy your house, you may be thinking you’re in for a long and difficult process.The good news is that finding respectful and trustworthy tenants to live in your home is not i...

4 Real Estate Market Trends on 2017

Property Management Blog
Thinking of getting into real estate, but unsure where to start? The housing market brings with it plenty of questions:What type of home should you invest in? What’s the market like in 2017?The first question ...
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