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5 Important Real Estate Marketing Tips

Property Management Blog
When attempting to sell your property, half of the work is just making potential buyers aware that your property is for sale. Real estate marketing is key when trying to sell your property, so the strategies for effectiv...

How to Be a Good Landlord and Keep Tenants Happy

How to Be a Good Landlord and Keep Tenants Happy
Being a good landlord involves being a jack of all trades. You have to be the right combination of friendly, authoritative, and approachable. And with the average tenant turnover rate over 50%, it's obviously ha...

Considering A Short Term Lease? 3 Pros And Cons

Property Management Blog
Today, more people are renting homes than anytime before 1965.If you’re on this trend, then it is important to consider which type of lease is right for you. A short term lease can provide flexibility, a home ...

DIY Home Fix: Skills Every Homeowner Needs

Property Management Blog
Despite recent fluctuations in the housing market, economists agree that home ownership is a primary way for American families to build wealth. But while owning a home does have significant economic benefits, it als...
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