What to Do If Your Lease Expired Tenant Won't Leave

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A new report released by the Pew Research Center has noted that in America today, we have a higher number of renters than during any other year in the last half-century.That staggering reality can give way to tremendous ...

How to Do a Home Inspection: 3 Helpful Methods

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Do you know how to do a home inspection? Yes, you can DIY.Though you won't be able to sign off on an inspection form if construction required it, you can do a home inspection yourself.It won't be as thorough as a...

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Good Property Managers

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There are two types of property managers. The first sees a person's home as just that - the place they go to escape from the world. They respect that.The other kind is only interested in rent money. You want to be th...

How to Screen Tenants: Your Ultimate Guide

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Understanding how to screen tenants is essential if you want to run a smooth operation.It isn't all too difficult to run a proper screen, but mess up and you could be in trouble. A tenant is, at times, a liability, a...
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