Compliance & Inspections

Whether it’s code enforcement, HOA requirements, or legal compliance, we’re on it. Our goal is to protect your investment and make you the most money.


Struggling to understand the nuances of landlord-tenant laws in California? Our attorneys and seasoned staff have helped countless property owners navigate the laws while remaining profitable.

Timely Rent Collection

Every month we work to collect your rent in full and on time. Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we are extremely diligent in collecting rent through a systematic, timely process.

Lease, HOA, and Policy Enforcement

Our Property Managers are responsible for making sure any lease restrictions, policies, and HOA guidelines are followed by the tenants. This includes providing renters with a copy of any HOA rules and regulations. In the event a violation occurs, tenants are quickly advised and given the proper notice to comply. Our staff are trained to facilitate every tenant situation with the utmost care and attention. All efforts are also made to prevent violations and any potential HOA fines.

Strict and Compliant Evictions

Even with careful placement there is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws. If the tenant does not pay rent on time or violates the terms of the lease, we initiate the proper notices and legal steps necessary to minimize your costs and get the property leased again.


Professional inspections of your property both inside and out are necessary to assess property conditions and ensure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease. Below are the 5 types of inspections performed:

  • Pre-Leasing Inspection - We perform this inspection prior to marketing your home to determine any necessary work to be completed.
  • Move-In Inspection - Move-in Inspections are performed to thoroughly document the condition of the home when the tenant takes possession.
  • Move-Out Inspection - Move-in Inspections are performed to thoroughly document the condition of the home when the tenant turns over possession. The inspection is then compared with the Move-In Inspection to determine any claims that may be necessary against the tenant’s security deposit along with any other action which may be necessary.
  • Periodic Inspection - A periodic inspection is often performed to determine. They may also be performed when there is a suspected lease or HOA violation.

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