Dedicated Property Manager

We designed the Property Manager business model with you, the property owner, in mind.


You have a dedicated Property Manager that will be your single point of contact. This means when you have questions you will be contacting the person that is the most knowledgeable regarding your particular property. The Property Manager’s primary duties include:

  • Collection of all funds due
  • Lease, rules, and HOA enforcement
  • Property inspections
  • Lease renewals
  • Owner, Tenant, and Vendor communication
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Work order and vendor bill approvals


Your Property Manager is typically paid a percentage of the homes they manage, so having tenants that pay their rent on time is in their best interest as well as yours. Keeping quality tenants in your home is an advantage for both you and your Property Manager so they are very renewal focused.


Unlike other property management companies, we focus exclusively on single-family residential rentals. We are the local property management experts, and we are dedicated to helping you rent and manage your home. Our focus on providing high quality service gives our clients the peace of mind they need when entrusting the management of their home from afar.

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