The Everything Guide To Garage Cleaning

garage cleaningHiring a professional cleaning service can cost about $150 per session. As most people build up the habit of using their extra garage space for storage, garage cleaning can be a much more gargantuan task. Rather than paying the hundreds of dollars, it could cost for a garage cleaning, you might decide to do it yourself.

Cleaning your own home allows you to assess whether or not you need to keep old junk around.

Whether you’re making room for a new vehicle, a new workspace, or you’re just tired of seeing the clutter, taking action is a great first step. Follow these 7 steps to ensure that you finish whatever you start your garage cleaning.

1. Make A Plan

If you’re looking to redesign your storage areas, now is the time to get out a pen and pad and start measuring your space. Search for the right storage equipment knowing how much space you’ve got.

Come up with a map of how to arrange it and have all of your equipment at hand before you begin.

2. Separate Trash From Treasure

Come up with some strong and harsh criteria for keeping or donating items. If you haven’t used it in 5-10 years, that should be a reason for donating something.

Invite friends over to dig through your donation pile and make a party of it.

3. Clean Up

Once you’ve got everything out of the garage, clean it from top to bottom. Get into all of the corners and crevices you’ve ignored for years. It could be years before you get in there again.

4. Start Sorting

Divide all of your items between things you’ll need on a regular basis from things you’ll be placing in a kind of long-term storage. Get some weatherproof containers for everything you’ll be storing without touching for a year or more.

Consider buying some silica gel packets to keep moisture out of your storage containers. Keep them away from pets and kids.

5. Install And Organize

Now you should start installing any shelving that you’ve purchased. If you’re putting in a new workbench, put it someplace near a window or a door where you can get some light while you work.

Make sure that everything is properly stored for the climate you live in.

6. Maintain It Rigorously

Now that you’ve got your garage all set up, make sure you maintain it so that it doesn’t fall into disorder again. Create criteria for bringing new items into the garage for storage. Keep your tools in a weatherproof container and keep them cleaned and oiled.

If you decide to sell your home in the future, a clean garage will help motivate buyers.

Garage Cleaning Can Be Inspiring

While you clean out your garage, you could see a half-finished project or be inspired to start something new. Having a clean garage will allow you to imagine the possibilities for your next project. At the very least, it will enable you to store more things with greater efficiency.

If you’re ready to get your garage cleaning started, contact us for storage tips.