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Landlord Protection Insurance

Rent with Confidence! By working with our professional property management company, you are eligible to get the Sheer Landlord Protection Included with our Platinum Plan.

Even though we carefully screen to get the best qualified tenants, sometimes bad things happen to your good tenants. The coverage pays you:

  • Up to $50,000 in Malicious Damage
  • Up to 12 Weeks of Lost Rents
  • Up to &7,000 in eviction costs
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Insurance arranged at Lloyds and available through SureVestor

From Accidental Landlord to Confident Investor

A video series to empower generating wealth and tax savings from your rental property


OK, Now What?

So you’ve become an “accidental landlord.” Learn what that means and your best next steps.


The Money Stuff

It can be confusing, but it’s important. The SureVestor team walks you through the biggest financial terms that affect you as a landlord.


What Happens When The Rent Stops?

Conquer your fears of owning real estate. Everyone has them, but you can learn how to prevent them from causing you big problems with your rental.


Love is Spelled T...I...M...E

Who doesn’t want to spend more time with the ones they love? Hear how income from properly managed rental property can help you live that dream.


D...I...Why? Versus Renting With Confidence

You don’t do your own surgery, why manage your own rental? Learn more about just how easy a professional property manager can make your experience as a landlord.