How Landscape Management Improves the Value of Your Property

landscape managementLandscape management adds value to the property of your home. While you may have a list of projects for the inside of your home on the docket, it may be a good idea to consider upgrades for the outside as well.

Let’s be honest: The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see. And, the curb appeal is real. Potential home buyers do judge the book by its cover, just like you would.

If you’re ready to maximize the value of your property, here are some ways you can achieve that through landscape management.

Add Trees

According to the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, adding a tree to the front yard can increase a home’s value by $7,130. While many projects can take weeks to accomplish, planting a tree can be done in an afternoon.

As a bonus, adding trees to your front yard can also protect your home from wind and reduce electricity bills.

Have a Great Lawn

Did you know the average ROI on a great lawn is 303%? And, it’s the cheapest project you can do. Average lawn maintenance per year is about $303.

Be sure to fertilize, aerate, weed and rake to make sure your lawn stays in prime shape. Having a great lawn is usually the first curb appeal test you must pass with a potential home buyer.

Especially if you are preparing to sell in the next year (keep in mind that this is a yearly project, not a one-time thing), this should be a no-brainer addition to your landscape management list.

Less Might Be More

While the occasional “purge” is necessary on the inside of our homes, we don’t always think to do the same to the outside.

Could anything in your yard be a potential eyesore? Could you repair or upgrade a walkway, the flowerbeds, or otherwise? Could you remove them and cultivate a bigger, more beautiful yard in its place?

One study suggests that the average return on investment to projects in your yard is around 150%. That investment may simply just be taking the time to remove something from your yard. That’s the type of project most homeowners can wrap their head around.

Add a Deck or Patio

Give people a reason to use the beautiful outside environment that you’ve created. If you don’t already have one, consider adding a deck or patio to your home for your next landscape management project.

A typical deck may cost you about $6,400, but expect to recoup 102% on that investment. For a patio, expect to spend a little more (around $9,000), and recoup about 106%.

Maximize Your Home with Landscape Management Today

You can add value to your property without upgrading the inside of your home. The curb appeal is real, and people will pay for a home that looks better on the outside.

Whether you add trees, invest time and money in a big, beautiful lawn, remove or upgrade potential eyesores, or consider a deck or patio, your investment will pay off when you sell your home.

Upgrading the outside is just one way to maximize the potential of your home. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our services.