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Property management should not be an intimidating experience. At Clockwork Property Management, our aim is to alleviate the stress and concerns often linked to leasing your home. We go beyond merely handling the logistics; we empower you with the necessary resources to evolve into a poised and self-assured investment property owner.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to not only streamline the leasing process but also to foster your confidence in navigating the complexities of property ownership. With Clockwork Property Management, you can trust that your rental property is in capable hands, and we equip you with the knowledge and tools essential for a successful and rewarding investment journey.

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Optimizing Rental Potential

Discover the optimal rental potential for your investment property! Uncertain about the worth of your home as you consider listing it? Our team of property management experts is here to provide you with a swift and hassle-free estimate, and the best part – no commitment required.

  • Unlock the Peak Rental Value - Our property management company delves into the current market conditions to offer you invaluable insights. We analyze various factors to determine the optimal monthly rental value for your rental property, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Essential Market Insight - By consulting with our property management business, you gain crucial understanding of the prevailing market dynamics. We provide you with a comprehensive service, enabling you to make informed decisions about your property and its potential in the rental market.
  • Evaluate Monthly Cashflow - Beyond just determining the rental value, our property management company helps clients calculate the potential monthly cashflow from their property. This insight is instrumental in making strategic financial decisions and ensuring that your investment aligns with your long-term goals.


Save time and call our property management company at (909) 548-0044, or complete the form to the right and we will give you a call, and get your report emailed to you.

Our Orange Property Management Services

Reliable professional property management services encompassing leasing, management, accounting, 24/7 maintenance, assessments, reporting, and compliance offer you the assurance that your property is consistently well-managed. This comprehensive suite of property management services not only ensures the smooth operation of your investment but also provides you with peace of mind.

From overseeing the leasing process to meticulous property management, handling financial matters with precision, offering insights into the local real estate market, and offering round-the-clock maintenance support, these property management services are designed to cater to every aspect of property ownership.

The seamless coordination of these professional property management services guarantees that your property is consistently monitored, maintained, and optimized, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the stress and hassle.

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A dedicated full-time property manager, specializing in your specific geographic area, is personally assigned to you. This seasoned professional becomes your primary point of contact, streamlining communication for you and your renters throughout the entire property management process. Ensuring transparency and effective communication is their foremost priority.

Your designated property manager is not just an expert in the local real estate landscape but also a committed partner in optimizing your property's performance. They serve as a knowledgeable guide, offering insights into the unique dynamics of your geographic area to enhance the overall property management experience.

By having a single point of contact, you benefit from streamlined communication channels, fostering more efficient and responsive property management services.

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As a result of our substantial maintenance business volume with our approved vendors, we have the leverage to secure competitive prices and ensure responsive service. This advantage not only translates into cost savings for property owners but also guarantees swift attention to maintenance issues.

Moreover, in instances where the root cause of a problem can be attributed to tenant negligence, our property management approach is to bill the tenant for any associated expenses. This policy ensures accountability and promotes responsible tenant behavior, creating a fair system where those responsible for issues bear the associated costs.

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Our property management company is dedicated to alleviating the burdens associated with property management, ensuring the seamless operation of your portfolio. We understand the complexities of property ownership, and our concerted efforts are geared towards simplifying the experience for you.

With our all-encompassing software, you enjoy constant, real-time access to vital information related to your property. This 24/7 accessibility empowers you with the knowledge you need to stay informed and in control. Whether it's updates on tenant interactions, financial insights, or maintenance activities, our comprehensive platform provides you with a holistic view of your property portfolio.

By combining the efforts of our skilled property management team and leveraging advanced technology, our property managers strive to offer you a hassle-free experience. Our commitment is not just to manage your properties efficiently but to keep you well-informed and confident in the performance of your real estate investments.

Take Confidence In Our Guarantees To You



Our property management company can find a quality tenant for your home in 30 days or the first month of management is FREE!



If for any reason you are not completely happy with our property managmeent services, you can cancel your agreement without penalty.



We guaratee the renter will stay for at least 9 months, or we'll find a replacement FOR FREE!



Pay our property management business only after you get results. Clients don't pay us a dime until their property is rented & rent is collected.



For no extra charge to property owners, we guarantee your investment properties will not be damaged by any approved pet.



Our property managers guarantee to pay our property owners by the 8th of each month. Tenant rental payments must be received with 2 banking days for funds to clear.



Manager guarantees our staff will be reachable via phone, text, or email and will respond to any Owners concerns within 24 hours. If Property Manager fails to respond to Owner within 24 hours, the management fee for one month will be waived.

All Inclusive Leasing Services

Ensuring a seamless and productive leasing services is crucial when aiming to fill vacancies promptly. Our exclusive 8-step system has been meticulously crafted to consistently deliver high-quality tenants for your property in a swift and efficient manner.

  1. PRICE ANALYSIS - Conducting a thorough evaluation of market dynamics to determine an optimal rent price that strikes the right balance between attracting quality tenants and maximizing your property's earning potential. We can also assit with rent collection each month.
  2. LEASING PRO - Leveraging the expertise of our property management professionals who are well-versed in the local real estate landscape to facilitate a smooth and effective leasing process tailored to your property's unique requirements.
  3. PRE-LEASING ASSESSMENT - Initiating a comprehensive pre-leasing assessment to identify and address any maintenance or improvement needs, ensuring your property is in optimal condition to attract potential renters.
  4. PHOTOS & TOURS - Showcasing your property with high-quality photos and virtual tours to provide prospective tenants with a vivid and compelling glimpse into the features and amenities your property has to offer.
  5. MARKETING YOUR HOME - Implementing a targeted and multi-faceted marketing strategy to maximize the visibility of your property across various channels, attracting a wide pool of qualified tenants.
  6. OWNER UPDATES - Keeping you informed at every step of the leasing process with regular updates on inquiries, showings, and prospective tenants, ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout.
  7. TENANT SCREENING PROCESS - Conducting a rigorous tenant screening process that includes background checks, credit assessments, and rental history verification to ensure that only qualified and reliable renters are considered.
  8. MOVE IN & ASSESSMENT - Facilitating a smooth transition for the approved renter, conducting a thorough move-in assessment to document the property's condition and address any outstanding details, laying the foundation for a successful and harmonious tenancy.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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About Orange, California

Orange is a city located in Orange County, California. It is approximately 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) north of the county seat, Santa Ana. Orange is unusual in this region because many of the homes in its Old Town District were built before 1920. While many other cities in the region demolished such houses in the 1960s, Orange decided to preserve them. The small city of Villa Park is surrounded by the city of Orange. The population was 139,911 as of 2020. (Source: Wikipedia)

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We offer VIDEO TOURS to rent your Orange CA rental home faster!

What if more people could see your home quickly? Our video walkthrough tours allow potential renters to view your property from the comfort of home. People love the convenience of videos to help narrow down the rental properties they are interested in seeing in person.

This pre-qualification allows our staff to concentrate their efforts on people that are serious about renting your property. It is also a great convenience for people moving from out of town. Watch one of our sample videos tours.

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Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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